Application Guideline for competition
1. Aim of the competition

Gifu International Music Festival is held for the purpose of discovering talented players. It is also held in order that all the music-lovers may improve their skills and share the pleasure of music by listening to each other’s play.
We hope that many people will gather here and meet through music.

2. Dates
Preliminary Audition from Thursday, February 1, 2018
to Thursday, March 1, 2018
Final Selection Thursday, May 3 and Friday, May 4, 2018
3. Venue
Mizuhoshi Sogo Center 1283 Beppu Mizuho city, Gifu
Mizuhoshi Shimin Center 1300-3 Beppu Mizuho city, Gifu
4. Application Requirement (Age as of April 2, 2018)
Entry genre Age
Piano under age 12 under age 18 18 and over
Woodwind instruments
Brass instruments
5. Instrumentation

Solo only
The Secretariat will provide an official accompanist and/or page turner if necessary.
Indicate on application form whether accompanist or page turner will be required.

6. Repertoire

Any selection within 10 minutes for both the Preliminary Audition and the Final Selection.
Multiple selections are possible if totally within 10 minutes.
It is possible to play the same composition(s) for both the Preliminary Audition and the Final Selection.
The Secretariat reserves the right to end contestants’ performance if it exceeds 10 minutes at the Final Selection.

7. Prizes and Awards
Grand prix ¥200,000 (one player among all the participants)
Runner-up ¥100,000 (one player among all the participants)
Excellent award ¥50,000 (five players among all the 1st prize winners)

1st prize, 2nd prize, 3rd prize, Gifu Prefecture Governor’s Award, Gifu Mayor’s Award, Gifu Prefectural Board of Education Award, Gifu City Board of Education Award, Jury’s Special Award, Intellectual Special Award, and others
(Not all awards may be offered.)
Marimba One Award will be offered as a special award for the percussion class this year.

8. Jury
Musicians, professors of Universities of Music, etc.
Special Jury
Li Jian Koji Yokoyama Keishi Kiriyama Tomoyuki Katada
Chiaki Fujimori Seiji Ando Reiko Matsukawa Hiroshi Noguchi
Tetsushi Ichikawa Yumiko Minoura Yutaka Suzuki Yoshiharu Komiyama
Mieko Kawashima Kenji Asano Akio Yamaguchi Mineo Hayakawa
Masato Kato Masami Sanma Takuo Kanda Yoshitaka Hase
Akiko Asai
Toshiko Aoki Mieko Aotani Terumichi Aoyama Ayako Asada
Mitsuyo Ideta Fumiko Eguchi Nobuko Oe Noriko Okuma
Hiroko Ochi Asako Ohashi Shigeaki Okamoto Kohei Okumura
Makoto Okumura Masakazu Kanayama Akiyoshi Kamei Noriko Kamei
Shoichi Kameya Motoyo Kawahara Susumu Kitagawa Yukie Kurihara
Naoto Kowaki Kenichi Konno Makio Sakurai Gen Saburi
Michiharu Sawawaki Tomomi Sugo Hideo Sugiura Takahiro Daikai
Naoki Takagi Masako Takahashi Ritsuya Takahashi Yoshitomo Taki
Azusa Takeuchi Isao Takeuchi Masaichi Takeuchi Reiko Nakaoki
Mariko Nagano Noriyo Nishi Tomiaki Nomura Atsunori Hattori
Takehito Hashimoto Ryoichi Hayashi Keiko Hayase Ayako Harada
Noritsugu Hirao Yoshiko Fukagai Rika Fujii Aya Henmi
Chizuko Matsunami Daiki Matsuyama Hitoshi Mizutani Michel Kondo
Naoko Miyagawa Mutsumi Murata Noriko Mori, Masako Yamaguchi
Chiyako Yamada Toshihiro Yamada Ayu Wakabayashi (2009~)
9. Announcement of Results
Preliminary Audition All applicants will be notified of the results by Monday, April 2, 2018.
* Applicants must contact the Secretariat (
if they have not received the result by email by April 2, 2018.
Final Selection The results will be announced at the award ceremony
on Thursday, May 3 and Friday, May 4, 2018.
10. Application Period and Procedures

<Period >
All application materials MUST BE RECEIVED BETWEEN Thursday, February 1, 2018 and Thursday March 1, 2018 to the Secretariat:
(1)Applications must be submitted only online.
(2)The application form must be completed in its entirety and sent as a PDF or Excel attachment to the address of the Secretariat. [>>PDF or Excel]
(3)Include the URL of the unlisted YouTube file that the applicant played for the Preliminary Audition, in the application form.
(4)Attach the scanned PDF file of the applicant’s passport that shows his/her photograph, nationality and full name.
<Notes >
(1)Any applications received after the closing date will not be accepted.
(2)Incomplete applications or applications which are not filled out all the contents will not be considered for Preliminary Audition.
(3)Applicants must contact the Secretariat ( if they do not receive e-mail, notifying the receipt of their applications within a week after submission.

11. Preliminary Audition (How to record)

(1)The video must be newly recorded for the 9th Gifu International Music Festival.
(2)The camera angle must remain unchanged, and the video must be filmed in one continuous shot without stopping. It must clearly show the applicant’s playing.
(3)Edited/processed video will not be considered for selection.
(4)The video must be uploaded to YouTube as an unlisted file.
(5)Include the applicant’s name and title of the selection(s) performed in the YouTube file’s title.
(6)Include the URL of (4) in the application form and send it to by Thursday, March 1, 2018.

12. Entry fee

The contestants must pay 15,000 JPY in cash as an entry fee at the reception desk of the hall on the day of Final Selection,
The Preliminary Audition is free of charge.

13. Miscellaneous

<About the performance >
*Final Selection is open to public.
*The compositions to be judged cannot be changed once they are submitted to the Secretariat.
*The performance order will be the reverse order in which the performers’ applications are received.
*The stage staffs reserve the right to end the performance at any time, but this will not affect the scores.
*The title of the selection(s) performed will be printed according as they are written in the original application form.
*The movement, suites, variation can be cut. Do not repeat. Play da capo.
*Players or those accompanying them should set the footrest, pedal assisting device, chair height etc. themselves.
(Footrest and pedal assisting device are provided.)
*If necessary, the Secretariat will provide an accompanist and/or page turner.
*In the event that the prelude, the interlude, the postlude are long, they can be cut.
<About the participation >
*Each contestant is responsible for his/her travel expenses and the transportation cost of his/her musical instrument.
*The accommodation for the contestants from abroad will be homestay, arranged by the Secretariat.
*The entry will be closed once the maximum number of the applications has been received.
<Others >
*The Secretariat will not respond to any inquiries about the judges’ results of the Final Selection.
*In the event of refusal or withdrawal from the competition, please notify to the Secretariat by mail immediately.
*Any contestant who does not arrive at the hall by the scheduled time will be considered withdrawal. In the event of a public transportation delay, the participant must contact us immediately through his/her host family.
*All prize winners’ names will be posted on the website of Gifu International Music Festival.
*Do not forget to fill out the name of the instrument in case of strings, woodwind instruments, brass instruments, percussion.

14. Others

Each contestant is responsible for applying for and acquiring his/her visa into Japan. Contestants can contact the Japanese Embassies or Consulates in their respective countries of residence for more information. The Secretariat should be contacted if a written guarantor is necessary.
<Notes >
The contestant must notify the Secretariat if he/she has been invited to Japan for activities, such as participation in another competition and concert engagements, which take place before, after or during the Competition.
(2)Insurance/Compensation for Damage
In principle, the Organizer will not compensate for any physical, material or mental damage caused or incurred by the contestants during the period of the Competition and other programs corresponding to the Competition. Each contestant is responsible for necessary insurance.
For any performance that takes place during the Competition or during the prizewinners’ concerts held by the Organizer, the Organizer reserves the right to:
i) broadcast it via television, radio or internet;
ii) record it, irrespective of whether the recording will be broadcasted or not;
iii) take recordings, photos or video which are later used to produce printed materials, video etc. for promotion and sales
(4)Protection of Personal Information
Personal information of applicants and contestants collected for the Competition will be managed by the Organizer according to Japanese law and will be used only for the operation of the Competition.
(5)Legal Guidelines
i) All support and allowances, prize money and appearance fees are subject to tax under Japanese taxation law.
ii) Any disputes that arise in connection with prospectus will be resolved according to the original Japanese text of this Prospectus and Japanese law.

15. Organization

< Gifu International Music Festival Organization >

Advisors Seiko Noda Member of the House of Representatives
Yoshiharu Komiyama Member of the House of Councilors
Kazuhiro Tamada Member of Gifu Prefectural Assembly
Naoshi Takadono Member of Gifu Prefectural Assembly
Masaya Nunomata Member of Gifu Prefectural Assembly
Kenji Asano Mayor, Kakamigahara City
Honorary directors Masayoshi Tanaka Member of Gifu City Assembly
Koji Yokoyama Member of Ogaki City Assembly
Kazuo Kawashima Member of Kakamigahara City Assembly
Hiroshi Ajioka Member of Hashima City Assembly
Takeo Hirose Member of Mizuho City Assembly
Yoshihiro Kuroda Member of Motosu City Assembly
Kazunobu Nagaya Member of Seki City Assembly
Fukuko Mori Member of Mino City Assembly
Yumiko Mori Member of Minokamo City Assembly
Executive Director Toshio Tokoro President, Gifu Daiku Choir
Secretary General, Gifu Music and Culture Association
Director, Gifu City Art and Culture Association
Chairperson of the Board of Directors Kazuo Tajima President and CEO, Tako Co., and Ltd
Commissioner Fumiko Eguchi Chief of Piano Department, Professor, Showa University of Music
Director, The Piano Teachers’ National Association
Vice Chairperson of the Board of Directors Toshihiro Yamada Vice-chancellor, Nagoya University of the Arts
Directors Keiko Hayase Honorary Professor, Nagoya University of the Arts
Wataru Hiramitsu President, Ajisai Choir and Akorute Choir
Nobuko Oe Chief of Gifu Branch,
Japan Xylophone Association
Vice President, Gifu City Art and Culture Association
Masaichi Takeuchi Professor, Nagoya University of the Arts
Yoshinori Kitano Chief Director, Gifu Choral Association Teacher, Tajimi Nishi High School
Asako Ohashi President, Fellow Music-lover
Executive Committee Chairperson Masakazu Kanayama Professor, Nagoya College of Music
Members Noriko Kamei President, Gifu Home Concert
Kaori Yokoi Assistant Professor, Ogaki Woman’s College
Kayo Ishihara Lecturer, Nagoya College of Music and Kano High School
Masako Takahashi Lecturer, Nagoya University of the Arts and Kano High School
Special Jury Li Jian Conductor, Pianist
Secretariat Noriko Kamei, Reiki Kato, Naoko Nozawa,
Li Renxiang, Eri Tsuda, Kikuyo Sugihara,
Takatoshi Morisaki

For further information, please contact the
Secretariat of Gifu International Music Festival
Address: 9-10 Fukujyu-cho Rokujyo Gifu-city Gifu, JAPAN
Postal code 500-8354
Tel: +81 58 273 2383

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